Monday, December 7, 2009

Jingling & Mingling

Thanks everybody, for coming to our Jingle & Mingle event that was held last Thursday evening at Urban Cottage. It was such a fun night and it was truly heartwarming to see all of our friends and family supporting us. The ladies at Urban Cottage did an amazing job as well. They not only made our card display look awesome, but they made great food and cocktails that kept the party going well after the event was scheduled to be over. Here are a few pictures of our Farewell display in the store, along with some snapshots of us with the lovely co-owner, Jessica.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New work: Baby Shower Invites

Another baby shower! This was a fun invite to create since the mom-to-be doesn't know if she's having a baby boy or girl. Green and yellow were the colors chosen by our client, but we wanted to add a unique twist to the pieces, so we used chocolate brown accents and stitching. The mom is a very classy lady and has a great sense of humor, so the damask pattern combined with the "Baby Whitaker" line made this invite perfect for the occasion.

Fun little stitching details

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jingle & Mingle

Thursday, December 3rd, we are having our first ever trunk show at Urban Cottage in the Virginia Highlands. Urban Cottage is lovely store filled with everything we would ever want to put in our houses. From the furniture, to the linens, to the candles and soaps they offer, every time we go in, it's hard not to leave empty handed. Over the past few months we have become good friends with the owner, Jessica, and some of the ladies that work there. We tossed around the idea of selling holiday cards and Jessica was nice enough to host an event at her store. Here are the details:

December 3rd
  • Store wide discounts at Urban Cottage
  • Holy Vino will also have their jelly wine for sampling (yum)
  • Festive drinks ;)
  • Tasty snacks
  • Holiday music
  • Event give-aways
It will be a fun time and a great way to kick off the shopping season. Think about it, no malls, no lines, no fighting for a parking spot... So please come out if you can and support local businesses. If you can't make it, be sure to check out some of our holiday cards that will be posted on Etsy shortly after the event.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Finally! A quick break to blog to everyone about the newest work that is coming out of our studio. Today we are featuring programs for an Indian wedding that is coming up in a few short weeks. These have been quite the labor of love, but we are so pleased with how they turned out. The gold paper is a fun touch that really makes these programs pop. These pictures were taken during the beginning stage of the process. At the time we were cutting, scoring, folding, and gluing beads to 300 programs. More to post with the second half later this week.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our bad.

It's been very busy lately. And that's a good thing! Between weddings, Bar Mitzvah's, baby showers and working on our hoilday cards, things have been a bit hectic and we've been slacking in the social networking department. Our apologies. We'll try harder. We promise. We'll have lots to talk about, too, especially since we'll be working on my wedding invitations, but I vow not to bore everyone with all the details in the planning process.

Anywho, please be patient with us. We'll keep in touch.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baby Love

We absolutely love this new baby shower invitation we made for a dear and near friend of ours. She wanted something with two little birds in the color scheme of chocolate brown and pink. We couldn't have been happier with the results and our client loved them too!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Rare Bird Finds Loves Us

We were recently featured in another blog last week called Rare Bird Finds! These lovely ladies scour the net to find new items that are one-of-a-kind and would make the coolest gifts for your closest pals, even if they are a furry friend. (They feature the cutest dog and cat toys). Jen and I tend to frequent this blog, not to mention we are on their mailing list and RSS feed, so we were uber-excited to be featured and given the stamp of approval by the RBF writers themselves. Click here for the link that was featured and then check out our little Etsy store where you can buy our cards that were recently featured.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Last week was a long week. Lots of jobs to finish up and lots of things to celebrate such as engagements and anniversaries ;) One of our greatest accomplishments (to date) are the save-the-dates for the barmtizvah we have been working on. These invitations have been our labor of love for the past few weeks, so we are excited for everyone to finally see them. Here are the final cards.

Wishful Singing

So sometimes while we're working away, Lisa and I like to turn up the music and pretend we're a couple of rockstars. Super hot chicks who can sing and tie a mean ribbon at the same time. Depending on our mood, the tunes we croon to range from the likes of Pat B. to Ella Fitz to, well, yes, Extreme's "More Than Words." Don't judge, it's a diddy very close to our hearts.

Well today's morning stroll down the online video trail of FaceSpace led me to Lisa Hannigan's video for "I Don't Know." It was as if I were looking into a mirror. Hot chick singing while making pretty paper thingies. Ok, so maybe Lisa's and my voices don't quite have the same pixie dust effect of Ms. Hannigan's. Nor would we ever sport a red felt bowler hat. But if Farewell Paperie were to ever become a famous Irish folk singer/songwriter duo, this is what I imagine our video would be like.

I'd give anything to cut paper like that.

} jp-c

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We had the time of our lives, Patrick.

People are memorializing Patrick Swayze in so many unique ways, we couldn't help but post some of these special tributes. (Yes, the 3rd picture is a tattoo.)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bar Mitzvah Save the Date Cards

Even though we are still working on these Save the Dates, we wanted to post some pictures of the production from last night. Special thanks to Berwyn who let us use his large press.


Berwyn mixing the ink

This is Berwyn's press. It's pretty sweet.

Here is the plate locked up and ready to press.

Rolling the paper through the press.

The finished print.

Stay tuned for the finished invitation.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lovely Lace

We are starting a new invitation suite for a wedding in January. The bride wants the invitations to feel classy and glamorous. She sent us examples of what she likes and most of the invites had lace or damask on the paper. That led us to research different forms of lace, and we must say, what we found was quite interesting. Of course we would like to highlight paper forms of lace (since this blog is mainly about our paper inspiration) but here are some examples of lace that are made out of unconventional materials.

This was made in a fence. Crazy!

The skulladay blog posted this last year.

One of the subtler but more beautiful designs at the Milan 2008 Greenenergy Design show was Antonio Citterio’s ‘Lace’: tiled architectural cladding that’s designed for user well-being and ecological preservation.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Soapbox Derby!

This past Saturday Jen and I decided to take the day off and go to the Atlanta Soapbox derby. It was held at 10th Street right by the park, so it was easy for us to walk over and get a good seat. Keep in mind, when we say "seat" we mean posting two camping chairs on the sidewalk, to hold our place while we went to go look at the cars. After taking pictures of the participants we walked back to our chairs, folded them up, then squeezed our way towards the front of the barriers so we could be right up by the track. We heard several loud gripes about our place holders, but we knew these people were just jealous because they didn't think of such a smart idea. It was really hot on Saturday, so the whole crowd was sticking together as more people tried to squeeze into the crowd. The breathing room got even worse as the cars began to go down the track because everyone was pushing forward to try and catch a glimpse. After an hour of watching the derby, we decided it was too hot to stay. We were completely dehydrated (since our only concern were camping chairs and not food or water) so we left after seeing 15 cars go down the hill. Don't get us wrong, it was a super fun experience, but it would have been smarter to have the derby in October. Here are some pics we took.


Monday, August 31, 2009

Test. Test.

Yesterday, we had our first run at using our letter press. It was a really fun and very educational. We wanted to document the process so you can see what we have been up to.

This is a lock up of the base. The wooden pieces are called "furniture" and the metal pieces on the sides are called "keys". You tighten the keys to hold the base in place.That way, the plate stays in place when you go to press your paper. This is a base for a photopolymer plate.

Here is another view of our base inside of the metal "chase". Here you see all the pieces of wood that could be used for the furniture.

This is the photopolymer plate that goes on the base. It's made out of a really thick, flexible plastic w/ glue on the back so you can position the plate however you would like to on the base.

This is the chase and base inside of the press. When you press down, it hits the paper that inside of the press. Here, the paper would lay on the whit part that is at the bottom of the picture.

Next ink is placed on the press so the rollers can get enough ink to press into the paper.

Every time you pull the lever down, the top cylinder revolves in a counter clock-wise position,while inking up the rollers. Once the rollers have enough ink, you place the paper in the press, and pull the lever down to push the paperup to the plate. The plate then indents the paper, while inking it at the same time.

Below are some samples.

This was our first pass. We needed to make a few adjustments to the press to make the ink spread evenly across the paper.

This is a impression of our logo.