Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mexico here we come!

So I finally made it to the honeymoon. Those couple of months in between our wedding and honeymoon felt like years in my world. Though I have to admit to Jen, and everyone else there that told me to wait for the honeymoon, that they were right. It was nice to look forward to something after the wedding.

Our trip to Mexico was lovely. We stayed in a cabana on the beach and literally drank the best mojitos and ate the best guacamole I ever had in my life. Our eco-chic cabana (aka: no AC no TV) was literally 20 steps from the beach. If you ever go to Tulum, Mexico, I recommend to stay at La Zebra. It was beautiful; pristine beaches, friendly staff, and amazing food. Keep in mind though, Tulum is not very large town and therefore it seems rather sleepy. If you want to get away from it all, then by all means, go here.

I'm just going to post a few pictures from the trip. We figured we owed you a new post, since it's been a few weeks since our last one. Jen has had family in town and our honeymoon took a good chunk of July, so we'll be back on track by next week. On a good note, we have been pretty busy w/ an upcoming wedding, so we'll get those pics out soon.

Until then, imagine you are on the beach and you can feel the cool wind coming off the Mexican Caribbean and the soft, white sand between your toes. Have a Corona to get in the mood if you have to!