Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gone to the dogs

Amongst all the hustle and bustle of moving into our new studio this past week, we had the pleasure of working on a fun project for an in-home pet care company. We're currently in the process of creating their business cards, but just finished their logo last week and loved it so much we thought we'd share it with you.

It's always interesting to see how ideas come to fruition, so here are the beginning sketches:

Which turned into these computer comps:

And resulted in this final logo. A lovely mix of the 2 designs above:

Our honorary mascot, Harley, provided great inspiration. We think he approves the logo :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Farewell Paperie goes George & Weezie

In almost three years of Farewell's existence, we've had the pleasure of calling no less than 8 places home. We've made viable studios out of everything from our old ad agency, three of my living rooms, two of Lisa's, my sister's garage, a community studio in SF, and countless coffee shops. The paper magic has happened all across this fair land.

We've even had our make it work moments across the Bay Bridge:
Hi, Lisa!
These days, most of our production and orders are done out of a rapidly growing "work nook" of my living room. What was once a quaint, cozy cocoon of productivity has mutated into a ghastly beast, spewing paper and envelopes at will and taking over my little one bedroom apt. I'm embarrassed to even show you guys these, but here goes nothing. 
(Mom, look away.)

There is order in the chaos, I swear. 
My desk. Where I sit with my legs crossed and up on the chair.
Because there's no where else to put them.
The piles that get moved back and forth depending on what cabinet needs to be opened at that moment.

Even the ironing board isn't safe from the Paperie Monster. 
So, you must be wondering, why would I be crazy enough to show you people how this messy stationer lives? It's to show you just how absolutely amazing this absolutely amazing announcement is for us...

We're sharing the space with 2 other letterpress printers. The 1,500 square foot loft space lives within a tri-space of 2 other studios, inhabited by some really amazing artists, photographers, and designers. I just found out the building was once the Best Food Mayonnaise warehouse, which is great bc I love me some mayo. 
Here's the tour:
Welcome to the tri-space. Won't you come in?
That's us. #308. 
The common area for all the artists.
Through the common area and inside our actual studio.
Come Monday, our press will live where those chairs are. 
The other part of our part. 
The light! Oh, the glorious light. 

So that's it. Studio, sweet studio. What do you guys think? We'll be sure to post before and afters once we get everything all gussied up.

And, I'm taking suggestions for how to reinvent the nook in our apartment. Andy wants to buy more bikes and put them there. This will likely not happen.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

} jp-c

Monday, September 19, 2011

Wedding Invitations: Beantown Chic

Anyone who's ever been to Boston will tell you how much they like them apples. What a great city. Apparently with some fantastic weddings going on this fall, including the one of our former student-turned-client-slash-paper-buddy, Lauren and her fiance Brian.

When Lauren first came to us for her wedding paperyums, all she knew was that she wanted it to look modern and yet classically Boston. Well, let's back it up a bit. Originally, she threw out some wacky-bananas randomness about animals and Olympic themes just like the one from her Bat Mitzvah. We took a deep breath, held hands, thought about our mothers' feelings and decided to make a new plan for a modern, clean look with a fresh take on all of Lauren's favorite parts of her beloved hometown.

You may remember her save-the-dates we flashed a quickie look at a little while back, which featured famed landmark Fanueil Hall. 

Well, here's a look at the latest in Lauren and Brian's wedding suite (and the most important), the invitations!:

The suite assembled: An understated invitation makes a big statement. Elegant type treatment with just the boston skyline letterpressed on chic, steely gray paper.
A custom monogram for the Northeasterner

The bellyband slides off to reveal a pocketfold behind the invitation, printed with a custom cobblestone pattern for a classic Bostonian feel. The reply card and a website info card featuring the wine and burnt orange color accents live here.

A very cool mix of patterns, textures and colors, perfect for an urban Fall affair.

Boston, the curse is over. Your win-vitations have arrived.

} jp-c

***Hey everybody, let's chat more tomorrow. We've got some crazy exciting news to share. Hint: giant windows, square footage, and I finally get to put the ironing board away!***

Friday, September 16, 2011

What You Really Really Love

The results are in! We ended up receiving more submissions from emails, texts and tweets, rather than posts on our blog (but that's ok, we still counted your votes) and there was definitely a clear winner. An overwhelming majority voted for our new "Really" card line, so we are going to give you a 15% discount on each of our Really cards - "Really Miss", "Really Sorry" and "Really Love You". They'll be on sale today through the weekend. Happy shopping!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Beautiful Fall Wedding

We Farewell Paperie chicas love a good wedding. We love it when we see two people that really love each other. We love it when the birds are chirping and sun is shining and it couldn't be a more gorgeous day. We love it when we get to be a part of the celebration. We love so many things about weddings, but one thing we appreciate above any other part of a wedding (besides breaking it down on the dance floor) are the wedding details. The time, energy, and effort it takes for a bride to make a beautiful setting for her wedding is something we don't take for granted. Details make or break a beautiful wedding and Susanne (and Robert) didn't let us down with their celebration!

I'll be honest, I wish I would have taken more pictures of everything. From the flowers, to the center pieces, to the detailing on her dress, Susanne created a stunning wedding... but I was just having too much fun to stop and capture everything through a camera lens. So with what little pictures I took (and a few snagged off of facebook) we hope you get a tiny glimpse into their wedding experience. It was a amazing time!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our New Look

Why hello there. Notice anything new? After a long overdue overhaul of our website, we decided it was time to finally revamp the blog. Simple, clean, something that feels more in line with our design aesthetic. We're pretty excited about the new look. Since this seems to be the season for new things (although that should be spring, rather than fall, but that's ok) we also have doubled our line of cards since the San Fran Gift Show and they are all available online on our Etsy store now! To kick off all this newness, we thought it would be fun to extend our gift show jelly bean voting to our Etsy shop.

(Remember these guys from the show post?)

Hit us back with a comment as to which card you'd want to go on sale.

• Friend us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter
  And don't forget to retreat and post our sale!

• You can vote as many times as you'd like.

• Voting closes on September 15th at 9pm EST.

• We'll announce the winner via Facebook and Twitter on Sept. 16th.  
• The winning card will be on sale September 16th - 19th.

If you have a specific card that you see in our Etsy shop that you'd like to vote for, feel free to submit a write-in. And remember to get your friends, family, pets, co-workers... whoever to help vote for your favorite card!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Twin Cities

It must be a sign from the heavens that Farewell San Fran and Farewell Atlanta are experiencing almost the exact same weather today! Or maybe we're just trying to make something out of nothing to feel like we live in the same city. We like to think it's the first option.