Monday, January 31, 2011

V-cards for V-day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you may be pondering what to get that special someone in your life. Whether you want to send special note to your significant other or a sassy card to your friend, Farewell Paperie has your bases covered. We've just posted some newbie Vday cards to our Etsy site that are super fun and cute. Check them out and save the chocolates for next year.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just a couple of blogs, holding hands across the web universe.

So usually, Lisa and I do a lot of zigging and zagging to run our business from opposite coasts. Then after all that emailing, texting, skyping, calling, we tip the carrier pigeon and get down to that paper magic. I like production. Just me, my headphones, and a letterpress machine, or a sewing machine, or a paper cutter, or a scoring machine, or--well, you get the point. But working alone in a literal closet for a studio interacting mainly with said machines can make a person a little socially batty. A few things I've noticed brought on by working from home:
-Talking to myself.
-Answering myself.
-Opening the fridge 10 times more often than usual.
-High-pitched enthusiasm at the arrival of the UPS delivery person.
-Confused perception of facebook time and actual face time with my friends.
-Increased desire for a cat.
I'm about 10 paper cuts shy of institutionalization. That's why it makes it so incredibly awesome and worthwhile when we get a loving virtual embrace from our friends in the creative stratosphere. It's like a big, fat gold star sticker on Mrs. Piper's 2nd grade best helper board -- an animated .giffy one that turns into glitter at the end.

Some of the blogs that have hugged us lately are ones that we'd already loved and drooled daily over, but seeing our name on their pages made us love them even more. And we think you'd love them too. So here's a little hug back for those guys, with an extra sneaky toosh squeeze:

Our dear friend Molly's blog is the virtual lovechild of Martha Stewart and HGTV's Genevive Gorder. She and fiance Taylor have made a lovely home for themselves in a ranch style mid-century home in Atlanta, and they have taken us all on their fun journey of DIY, foodie goodies, world travel and the perpetual style hunt for home. My anticipation for Molly's Friday Five is rivaled only by that of my Friday ham & cheese croissant, often ingested in unison for max happiness. Her projects always turn out awesome and she makes you feel like you could even try some of them on your own. Check out The Nesting Game here!

Miss Allison is a stylish little chica, and her blog shows it. She features all the lovely things in her daily Richmond, VA life, from fashion and jewelry to decor to art. You just feel a little bit more hip and with it when you read along, like getting a little dose of her cool world intravenously through your mouse. Not to mention her ability to keep up with new music is ridonk. Getcha some of Allison's tasty bubbles here.

They have great taste and they cuss like sailors. Our kinds of chicks. These awesomely foul ladies have been a favorite read for years now, and the wit just keeps on coming. They feature rad home and lifestyle products that make you want to quit your day job and make gangsta cards for the rest of your life. What. What. So throw your hands in the ay-er and blogroll like you just don't cay-er. Ch-ch-check 'em out.

Creative websharers like these make us feel a little less alone and a little more like all those things John Lennon said were true:
Imagine all the people
Blogging all the world...

Oh no I dih-n't. Oh, yes I did.

Peace out, suckas. Weekend, go!
} jp-c

Friday, January 21, 2011

California Dreaming

These past few months Jen and I have been traveling fools. Between the two of us, we've been to Florida, Arizona, Washington, Georgia, California... (I feel like I'm missing a few more states, but you get the picture.) My last bit of traveling ended recently in San Francisco where I met up with Jen to work on some new cards for our retail line. We thought it would be fun to commemorate our traveling by creating postcards that have the states we have traveled to.

Each card is letterpressed on both sides and is blank on the back for your message.

Right now we have California, New York, New Jersey, Georgia and Florida printed, but we have many more coming down the pipeline. We hope to eventually press all 50 states. We thought these little guys would also be really cute wedding favors, especially for a destination wedding

Jen and I thought it would be fun to send my husband a little love from Cali while I was in San Fran. So we wrote him a little note and slipped it in the mail without telling him.

He was so surprised when our Cali postcard showed up a few days later in our mailbox.

I knew it was a big hit when he proudly displayed the card in our fruit bowl. (Yes, we put our mail in our fruit bowl in the kitchen. It's the first thing we see when we walk into our house!)

If you are interested in getting your hands on these sassy state postcards you can find them on our Etsy site or at Urban Cottage in Atlanta.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The January Blues

January. The rock bottom of winter months. November and December are full of food, festivities and fun and then you hit January. Wham. All of the sudden you realize you're back to cold cut turkey for your sandwiches, and top 100 hits on the radio.

This January has been especially weary for those of us living in the south. The winter storm that hit last week paralyzed Atlanta for nearly 6 days.

Yeah, that's me skating across Peachtree Street.

And me breaking my "sled" on the really hard snow.

It's funny how a few inches of snow and too many hours on the couch can get me thinking about the holidays again. Maybe it's the nostalgia of growing up in the north or the fact that the holiday hustle and bustle is over, but as the tiny flakes slowly covered Atlanta, I found myself wishing our Christmas tree was still standing and our neighbors hadn't taken down their lights.

Jen must have had ESP because the day before the storm hit, I received a package of the custom holiday cards we had been working on. We were asked this year to create new custom holiday cards on top of the retail cards we had online and in Urban Cottage,Atlanta. We, of course, were excited and pleased with the outcome of these cards.

One card was for Jen's sister. Her super cute nephew was featured on it.

The other card was for my best friend's sister. Her three little boys are unbelievably adorable!

It was a nice surprise to get the cards when I did. The snow coupled with the unexpected mail made it feel like a mini Christmas all over again. Perhaps January isn't so bad. It's the month of last year's reflections and possibilities of this coming year. Who knows what 2011 will bring this year, but we hope it's a good as last year was to us.