Monday, August 31, 2009

Test. Test.

Yesterday, we had our first run at using our letter press. It was a really fun and very educational. We wanted to document the process so you can see what we have been up to.

This is a lock up of the base. The wooden pieces are called "furniture" and the metal pieces on the sides are called "keys". You tighten the keys to hold the base in place.That way, the plate stays in place when you go to press your paper. This is a base for a photopolymer plate.

Here is another view of our base inside of the metal "chase". Here you see all the pieces of wood that could be used for the furniture.

This is the photopolymer plate that goes on the base. It's made out of a really thick, flexible plastic w/ glue on the back so you can position the plate however you would like to on the base.

This is the chase and base inside of the press. When you press down, it hits the paper that inside of the press. Here, the paper would lay on the whit part that is at the bottom of the picture.

Next ink is placed on the press so the rollers can get enough ink to press into the paper.

Every time you pull the lever down, the top cylinder revolves in a counter clock-wise position,while inking up the rollers. Once the rollers have enough ink, you place the paper in the press, and pull the lever down to push the paperup to the plate. The plate then indents the paper, while inking it at the same time.

Below are some samples.

This was our first pass. We needed to make a few adjustments to the press to make the ink spread evenly across the paper.

This is a impression of our logo.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Common, You Know You Have to Have One.

We finally posted some of our latest, greatest work on Etsy this past weekend. We have birthday cards, greeting cards and thank you cards for sale. It was really fun to create these guys and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. If you'd like to browse our little store, log in to Etsy or go to our website and link from there to our shoppe. Oh! and if you see a card that you absolutely love, but would like in a different color, check back in the near future, becuase we are looking to post more colors soon.

A fun Thank You card

Our favorite Gangsta Cards

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Last night we went to an event held by CRAVE. A woman in Seattle started the company to help women entrepreneurs grow their business. She promoted the women by featuring them in a book that was basically a cool chicks guide to Seattle. The idea obviously took off because CRAVE has several versions of books in numerous cities across Canada and the western part of the U.S. They now are hitting up the east coast and have decided to come to Atlanta first. AND (drum roll please...........................) they want us to be in it. We are still on the fence about it, and aren't really sure what to do just yet, so if anyone has any thoughts to offer up, our ears are wide open!

So, the event last night was also a networking shin-dig where we got to meet other ladies that will be featured in the book. Heidi Geldhauser, a photographer from Our Labor of Love was there last night taking pictures for CRAVE. It was great to meet such a down-to-earth, super nice person... especially since we totally LOVE LOVE LOVE the work they create. We also had the pleasure of meeting Ashley Baber who owns the largest wedding coordinating business in Atlanta. She definitely had some good insight to the biz and was super impressive since she seemed so young to have such a prosperous business.

Overall, it was great to meet some ladies that are totally in love with what they do and are making a living doing it. It's something we totally aspire to be one day, so it was nice to get a taste of it last night.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Inspiration Monday ::: We flit, we float, we fleetly flee we fly

Loving these new handmade mobiles from Frazier & Wing. Owner and creator Heather Frazier has found a way to put everything we love about paper, color, and delicately hanging things all in one gorgeous, artful piece.

Here's one she did for an upcoming wedding display, isn't it lovely?

Check out some of Heather's other mobiles, then scramble to think of any upcoming birthdays you can get one for.

Thanks for the post, Daily Candy!

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