Thursday, June 10, 2010

Going Green.

Just when you thought we had done all we could do with green-on-green, we've taken it even further. For Lisa and Justin's July 4th weekend post-wedding celebration in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, we wanted the invitations to have the same personality of the Savannah invitations, but not quite as formal. Maybe, just the chiller, laxer cousin of the originals? With a little P-Burgh flair, of course.So we called in the fabric troops once again, and recycled the placemats from Lisa's wedding to make some awesummerific Pittsburgh invitations. I tell ya, we've gotten some major mileage on these bad boys—literally: they've gone from Atl--> SF--> Atl--> Sav--> Atl-->SF --> Pitt. Whew.

The way I figure, they'll carry all the good times and fun memories from Lisa's wedding with them to the reception in Pittsburgh. :)

} jp-c

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Guacamole, Mojitos and Margaritas. Oh my.

Only one more month until Justin and I leave for our honeymoon. If anyone ever asks your opinion about taking a honeymoon right after the wedding or waiting, tell them to go right after the wedding. Jen and her husband had a month between their wedding and honeymoon and loved the idea of having something to look forward to. They totally suggested we do the same and others agreed. Don't get me wrong, I like having a little motivation to make the weeks pass by quickly, but I'm the kind of person who hates to wait. I can't stand waiting in lines, at a traffic light, or even for the end of a movie sometimes. I always read the first and last page of a book when I'm deciding to buy it. (I can tell many of you are cringing at that thought right now.) But the point is, this past month and this upcoming month are DRAGGING. July cannot come soon enough. I can't wait to get my toes in that soft, white Mexican, eat guacamole till my heart's content, and drink my worries away with mojitos and margaritas. Until then, I'll just have to live vicariously through the travel channel and the YouTube videos of Tulum that Justin keeps making watch before we fall asleep every night.

A current client we are working on, has me definitely thinking about travel as well. Her wedding is next year on the beaches of Florida, but she wanted to have a travel theme for her invites since she and her fiance both love to travel and have lived in numerous countries. (Her fiance is from England, she's from the States.) We already created her Save the Dates, and are working on her actual invitations right now. She wanted something fun to symbolize their love of travel, so we thought a plane ticket would be a cute tie-in to their theme.

We actually used one of her old plane tickets as a model for the Save the Date.

Our client also wanted a little logo for her theme, so we created this "Love is in the air" logo.

This side actually was perforated like a real ticket.

So, if anyone has some good suggestions on how to make time go a little faster for me, I'd truly appreciate it. Normally I can't believe how fast the months fly by, but I guess I really need a vacation!