Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Wedding Game

This weekend is going to be an exciting one for us ladies of Farewell Paperie. Our good friend, Molly (and author of the Nesting Game), is tying the knot on Saturday! This not only means that Jen and I will be in the SAME CITY for a few days (watch out Atlanta, here we come!), but we'll be witnessing two of our favorite people getting married ... annnnnnddddd, we'll finally get to revel in the lovely wedding decor that Molly has been working so diligently on for the past few months.

This wedding is going to look spectacular because, well, Molly, the style guru and Taylor, the graphic designer, obviously know what they're doing if their Save the Date is any indication of what's to come. Jen and I have ooohed and ahhhhed over those Save The Dates, and couldn't wait to post about their wedding invites, but thought it best to hold out until the week of their wedding so our heads didn't explode from all the gushing. So until we get to the wedding and take countless photos of all their fabu decor, you guys will have to settle with the invites for now - just like we have... but the count down had begun and I'm sure there will be much to blog about after Saturday.

Even the envelopes were designed to the hilt.

I've never opened an invitation that smelled so fresh. What a great idea to incorporate rosemary into the invitation!

The full wedding suite.

The attention to detail was beautiful.

Even the backside of the invitation had a lovely pattern on it!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

You're Incog-NEAT-O!

You may ask, "Is this mustache craze getting out of hand?". Our rebuttal, "No way, Jose." In fact, we think facial hair is making a huge come back and we love it. (even if it's not actually on anyone's face.)

Photos courtesy of pinterest.com

Take for instance Tom Selleck. Remember when he showed up on FRIENDS as Monica's love interest and he was sans mustache? We thought it was an outrage. And let's not even get into Alex Trebek. We all know he'd be look way more suave if he hadn't shaved his upper lip hair.

Photos courtesy of listoplenty.com

To commemorate our love for the Handlebar, the Fu Man Chu, and the Walrus, we created a letterpress card that helps anyone sport a sweet mustache in 2.2 seconds. Ladies and gents, we present the INCOG-NEAT-O card. Send this bad boy to all your friends that could only wish for a mustache like Ron Burgandy. Or "wear" it yourself and be able to finally spy on your cute neighbor with peace of mind. As always it's letterpressed onto lovely Crane Lettra paper and comes in two different envelope colors - green and orange.

We'd think it would be fun to create a facebook page full of fans proudly wearing their mustache cards. So if you buy one of these puppers, send us a quick pic and we can link you to the page. Don't worry, we won't give out names or anything. You'll be incognito... get it???